Dumbo Double Dare – 10K (Part 1)

Today was Part 1 of the Disneyland Dumbo Double Dare.  6.2 Magical Miles in the heat and humidity of Anaheim through California Adventure and Disneyland Park.  80 degrees this morning at 5:00 AM!  Tomorrow is Part 2, the Half Marathon.  Supposed to be about 10 degrees cooler.  One can only hope!  By this time tomorrow, I will have completed a total of 19.3 miles and come home 3 pieces of bling richer (assuming I can stay ahead of the sweepers – today would have been a close call)!

Some of the best back-of-the-pack moments during the 10K?  A 40ish year-old woman holding her mom’s arm while they walked the race together, her head tilted toward mom and offering encouragement.  The 10ish year-old girl walking with arm crutches stopping to take a picture of her mom.  The determined-looking woman with a bowed left leg that wanted to collapse with every step.  Many couples of all ages running or walking together with one providing the emotional support the other needed to keep going.  Those walking or running with memory ribbons, most with one or two, but at least one carrying a heavy burden multiple ribbons pinned on her shirt.  And those who were not obvious runners and one can only imagine the personal reasons they have taken on this journey: changing a less-than-healthy life-style; perhaps signing up on a dare; completing a new year’s resolution; or running to ease a loss.

And, of course, there were the fun moments. So many colorful and creative costumes today!  Most of these costumes were based on the race theme of Alice in Wonderland.  One Mad Hatter was particularly handsome!  However, the Superman & Superwoman couple were also quite magnificent.  How people are able to run in these costumes is beyond me (I can’t even stand sleeves on my running shirt); but I’m very glad that they do!  It makes the course all the more fun.  And the course signs!  The award goes to: “Run Away from Twerking Miley!”  Several of the Disney references were pretty good too, such as the Little Mermaid’s: “I wanna see you runnin’ on…., oh yeah, feet!”  And the miniature cow in the Disney back lot – so cute!  The Disney races are the ones that I really do wish I was a bit faster so I could stop and take pictures.  But I don’t – don’t want to risk those sweepers!

I’m looking forward to seeing what the Disneyland Half is like tomorrow.  Please take a moment to share any back-of-the-pack stories and encouragement you may have.

Taking on 13.1,


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